Notruf 'Olga Gorge'Emergency Use Only

In the event of an emergency, press the RED button to set off the alarm.
The alarm will sound for 10 seconds and a ranger will answer as follows:
- "This is the Ranger speaking."
- "Press the same red button to speak and release it to listen."
- "What is your location, written at the top of the alarm ?"
Please tell the Ranger your location as it is written.
- "What is the problem ?"
Speak slowly and clearly. If a person needs help, the Ranger will ask:
- "Is the person conscious ? ... breathing normally ? ... having chest pains ?"
- "Has the person being drinking plenty of water ?"
- "Is the person in a safe position in the shade ?"
- "Please describe the exact location of the person."
- "Please give a general description of the person."
- "Please stay at the alarm. A Ranger will meet you there as soon as possible."

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