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MCLB Motorcycle Tour 1998

Let's jump into the Thüringer Becken !

MCLB Gruppenbild (Friedrichsroda)After the annual meeting taking place at the sea, we had a new destination in Thüringen this time: the Thüringer Becken (map). The landscape is flat in this area, and does not have anything common with the Thüringer Wald (forest). It is an ideal starting point for tours to the Eichsfeld, the Kyffhäuser or the Thüringer Wald.

Report by Eckart Märkel

Bypassing any Autobahn - and therefore free of obstructions and stressless - I got on thursday (21.6.98) in cool but motorcycle-friendly weather - dry - from Berlin to Thüringen (not everyone was that lucky). The last part of the journey lead me through the Kyffhäuser: besides the famous memorial, there is the interesting Barbarossa cave, I chose as an intermediate stop. Just in time for dinner I arrived at the destination.

Rittergut Lützensommern (Thüringen) - GraffittiThe announced old farmhouse (18.-20. century) in the little village Lützensömmern showed up as a manor. Those who think the manor were a highly manorial castle are wrong: Following the cartoon at the road through the dilapidated gate, an enormous graffitti at the opposite house wall is seen. The decay, the LPG charme and modern made-up rooms meet contrasting, emphasized by the young-alternative touch of the castel lord, a teen in torn jeans, continuously walking around in the ground, looking for everything beeing ok. The scouts coming from different countries staying here for the care of the German and international song camped in the park of the property and accompanied everything with bongos and other instruments giving a special touch to the convention house.

The rooms were located in one of the buildings that have been nearly completely renovated framework house and therefore are modern and equipped with shower and toilet, even the furniture consisting of creaking beds and decaying chairs could wake up some ostalgia. About one dozen of participiants, most of them from Berlin, but also some guests from elsewhere were accomodated.

750 Jahre Burg Gleichenstein, BurgfalknereiThe cultural program scheduled the visit of some castles in the region. Friday starting with a highlight: the castle Burg Gleichenstein in the Eichsfeld, where a falcon farm performed impressive shows with their birds.

Raubvogel Raubvogel

Pause in FriedrichsrodaBack to the manor the dinner was served. The camp fire was set up in a barrel in the cool night. Now, there was a choice between relaxed talk together in the warm rooms or visiting the sounds of the folklore of the other guests.

Ruine MühlbergSaturday too, castles and ruins had to be visited. Castle riun Hanstein for example was monted by 12 grown-ups and one handicapped with attendant. coffee and cake were taken in the rustical rooms of a historic building nowadays used as a restaurant, eating up new strength in order to storm the next ruin - Mühlberg.

GrillenThis evening was arranged as a grill evening organized by the leather club of Thüringen (TLC) in the garden of one of their members. In a very individual ambiente of shed, shower curtain and flower meadow finished the relaxed part.

Zärtlichkeit ...Sunday terminated the event, time to return home except for those remaining one day more. Attractive intermadiate stops like the castle in Sondershausen helped accidental event of an unexpected soon meeting of the ones travelling home and the ones having the additional day ...

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